About Artur

Artur Allakhverdyan, owner and head tailor of Artur & Tailors Ltd., is a man full of talent and ambition. Since becoming a tailor at age 14, Artur has become a true master of the craft. Dancers are impressed by his ability to cut a suit for movement, designers appreciate his educated eye and discerning fit. From super-curvy women's suits to sharp leather jackets; modern fashion to doublets and frock coats; high-level bespoke to production work -- Artur has done it all, and wowed clients and colleagues all along the way.

Artur hails from from a long line of Armenian tailors. He was born and raised in the Causcasus, and by age 15 he’d begun working full-time at one of the best tailoring shops in the region. His daily work included sewing garments -- from the first stitch to the final hand-worked buttonholes -- to making patterns. The great Armenian tailors around him were pleased to teach their gifted and grateful protege, and before long were passing on secrets divulged to only the most perceptive of tailors.

Eventually, Artur moved to Ukraine and opened his own business as a tailor. Most of his clients were women, giving him ample experience building for women’s physiques. In 1991, he moved again, this time to New York City, where he quickly found work as the sample-maker in a leather jacket factory. He came up with the new designs, created the patterns, and sewed the samples.

After two years making leather jackets, Artur joined the venerable costume shop of Barbara Matera. Opened in 1968, Matera’s was the top shop in NYC at the time, bringing to life hundreds of remarkable designs for theatrical productions year after year. Again, Artur swiftly proved himself to be sharp and well-trained. Within a few years, he was promoted to be head tailor Gianni Fava’s assistant. Artur's extensive expertise proved invaluable in fittings, pattern- making, cutting, training the staff of tailors, and making sure all deadlines were met. He worked at Matera’s for 15 years, and was key to earning the business its tremendous tailoring reputation.

Now you'll find Artur at the helm of his eponymous business, Artur & Tailors Ltd. Perhaps he’s making patterns, fitting or meeting with clients, checking sleeve balance, or correcting a garment post-fitting. Every suit comes under his eye and through his hands several times. Artur knows his tailors are precise and careful, having trained them all himself, yet he also knows that the best shops are the ones where the head tailor plays an active role in the work.

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